Wave Mechanics is home to world-class machinery & equipment, housed in our facility in Bengaluru, India. We continually invest in innovative manufacturing methods, modern machinery & equipment, human resources, and other associated services to exceed the most demanding customer expectations. Our facility provides advanced capabilities with extensive capacities to support customer needs from a one-off requirement up to volumes of many thousands. Our vast experience with high-mix low-volume manufacturing for large industry players helps us deliver exactly as per customer schedules and quality requirements. Our dedicated customer representative will regularly keep you updated on your order status and can be viewed online showing operational transparency.

Wave Mechanics has wide-ranging and comprehensive high precision machining capabilities where continual investment aids competitiveness and shortest lead times.

In total, there are 36 CNC machines available, providing a wide variety of capabilities thus providing flexibility to service customer program needs.

The size of items that can be manufactured ranges from very small parts - the size of a pen tip, up to parts 1m long.

An important differentiator in capability is the ability to machine to an ultra-high accuracy of just 5 microns.

The majority of machines are multi-axis allowing minimal setup manufacture of complex parts with optimized quality and throughput.

Most of our machines are also equipped with through-spindle coolant allowing for machining of hard parts and achieving the fantastic surface finish.

Most formats of CAD data can be received and are used to offline program the CNC machines, and CMM machines for optimized performance.

Here is a brief overview of the machines and software in use:


  • HMCs with multi-axis and multi-pallet loading
  • Full 5-axis machining centers
  • VMCs with 3+1 axes


  • Multi-axis advanced Turn/Mill centers
  • Hollow Chuck cylinder with bar feed capability


  • Cylindrical
  • Surface


  • Very flexible capability – we specialize in the design and build of fixturing and workholding solutions in house
  • Tool Presetter


  • SolidWorks
  • SolidCAM
  • Siemens NX Workstations
  • Zoller Tool management
  • DNC Software

Wave Mechanics not only manufactures component parts but also offers a comprehensive assembly service to support customer needs. Alternatively, we can act as a partner for contract assembly only.

Some of the activities done are:

  • Helicoil Insertion
  • Fastening
  • Bushing and bearing assembly
  • Box Building

Wave Mechanics works with partners that are accredited with NADCAP and AS9100 certifications for a wide variety of special processes. Long term relationships with these partners allow us to work with them in a collaborative manner, reducing lead times and ensuring the quality of finished parts.

Here is a brief overview of the special processes available:


  • Chromate
  • Anodising (Sulphuric, Black, Chromic)
  • Hard Anodising
  • Electroless Nickel
  • Zinc
  • Zinc Nickel
  • Passivation
  • Soft Gold
  • Hard Gold
  • Silver


  • Wet spray painting
  • Electrolytic epoxy painting
  • Black oxide
  • Dry film lubricant coating


  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • Radiographic Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Electromagnetic Testing
  • Visual Testing


  • EDM Wire Cut
  • Stress Relieving
  • Heat Treatment
  • Hardening
  • Sparking
  • Visual Testing