Established in 2001 and located in Bengaluru, India, Wave Mechanics is a 100 % Export Only Unit, catering primarily to customers outside India. Founded in 2001 by Mr. Thomas Varughese, a software engineer, and ex-DRDO scientist. Wave was set up with the vision of supplying high-frequency and microwave electronics components to global customers, hence deriving its name, but gradually expanded its focus to include a variety of end-use applications.


Wave Mechanics, equipped with 3 CNC machines, was set up in Bangalore in a 3000 sq. feet facility.


ISO 9001


1st major expansion (machine count doubled). New 25,000 Sq feet facility acquired.


2nd major expansion (machine count doubled)


AS 9100 Rev C certification


3rd major expansion (machine count doubled)


4th major expansion (10 machines added)


KAHM group acquires Wave Mechanics


5th major expansion (10 machines added). Land for new facility acquired

Today, Wave Mechanics is a digitally enabled Build-to-Print engineering company with over 800+ man-years of experience in manufacturing extremely complex parts with close tolerances and reliable quality. Having developed domain expertise in machining Wave Mechanics always rises to the challenges of changing market demands. During 2017, seeking further growth, Wave Mechanics raised investment from KAHM.

KAHM is a business group headquartered in Kolkata, India. With diversified interests globally, ranging from steel ancillaries to venture capital, the group has the vision of being recognized as a Trusted Value Enhancing Partner by all its business associates. Through its vast business experience around the world, KAHM has developed a specialty in accelerating growth without compromising shareholder value.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in contributing to the betterment of society and strive to ensure the same.

“SWABAL” - Training School

Wave Mechanics has an ongoing training program called “SWABAL” to train underprivileged youth to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to become future machine operators/quality analysts. The training is spread over a year with opportunities to pick up practical experience on the organization’s shop-floor. The organization pays a stipend and provides meals to take care of the essential needs of our trainees during the tenure of the training. These trainees are then free to join full-time services with other companies.

This provides the lesser privileged an opportunity to have a fair chance in becoming an independent and responsible individual of the society. By letting the newly trained resources back into the industry, we hope to develop the overall quality of human capital available to the industry at large.

Green Initiatives

Wave Mechanics donates all used dry paper waste to a nationally recognized trust, SAMARTHANAM. “Parisara”, their social enterprise initiative, started in 2003, is a dry and e-waste management program, collecting, segregating and recycling waste to significantly lessen the burden on landfills. Parisara also employs many special needs men and women in its initiative, in order to provide a livable wage and daily occupation to the unfortunately marginalized members of society.

Wet waste generated from the factory canteen is sent for composting. This compost is donated to farms around the vicinity and their produce of fruits/ vegetables are procured for our canteen usage, thereby helping us contribute to the local economy and upliftment of people.

All byproducts collected from the factory such as used coolant, waste yarn, metal scrap, and machining oil, are properly dealt with, in accordance with environmental regulations.