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Sourcing the finest quality materials from approved sources around the world, with full traceability

Wave sources a variety of materials for specialized applications such as:
Get aluminum alloy precision manufacturing parts from wave mechanics | The material has a good body-to-weight ratio.
Stainless steel can be used in a precision manufacturing company, which made it a popular metal used to make precision parts.
Stainless Steel
CNC aerospace machining | Steel can be made with a high tensile strength at low costs that can be used in most industries.
Tungsten is mostly used by aerospace components manufacturers | Highest melting point is the best property of Tungsten.
Plastic-Delrin is used in CNC aerospace machining | It is lightweight and has high corrosion resistance.
PVC Acrylic has High transparency and Good chemical stability can be used by precision components manufacturers in Bangalore.
PVC Acrylic
Copper has high purity and superior electrical conductivity which is used by CNC precision components manufacturers.
Brass has good machinability and superior electrical conductivity which can be used to make precision parts.
Ni alloy is used for Customized Forged Components | used in aerospace parts manufacturing companies in Bangalore.
Ni Alloys
Lead is used by CNC precision components manufacturers in the medical and Oil & Gas industries.
Polyamide has High heat and chemical resistance that are used for precision machining Bangalore in aerospace industries.
Titanium has High tensile strength and Corrosion resistance that has been in precision manufacturing in the Space industry.

Wave Mechanics is a precision manufacturing company that has deep understanding of RM requirements for aerospace, medical, space, oil & gas platforms due to our extensive experience over the last 19 years.

With our experienced team of professionals, we have insight into the finer points of RM requirements such as ASTM, AMS standards, grain direction and its effects, with full traceability ensured.

We source RM like aluminum alloys, alloy steel, custom steels, etc., from regions such as Europe & the USA, often from mills directly, in order to ensure maximum value for our customers.

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